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Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending

At Commercial Finance London we feel the role of the service we give is incredibly important. In the commercial market place it is often how the deal is presented and the relationship with the individual/company making the decision that can improve the key in getting a better deal.

We can access, the best deal from mainstream lenders and enjoy master broker and packager commercial lenders. Higher gearing, lower rates and flexibility regarding terms are just some of the benefits we are able to offer.

Most professional advisors have the business people as clients, but often shy away from asking for their commercial business. We can support you in developing this facet of you the client offering by delivering a commercial finance solution that suits their needs.

Our advisors are built on relationships and referrals, which is why we offer a professional service that adheres to the code of conduct developed. We aim to give you an experience you would be happy to receive again and again.

We are able to source commercial finance for you the client with a clean credit history or should you have adverse credit we will assist you in every possible way.

Commercial finance can be arranged for any requirement, to buy, improve, re-mortgage business or to purchase a buy to let Premises/flat/house, property development or just fund another business.

The amount of the loan may vary depending on the property value and the client’s profile however, finance can be arranged up to 80% with additional funding available of up to 100% with additional security. Rates are normally dependent on each case but can be as low as 2.5%. Lenders will usually prefer to lend to low risk businesses with a trading history that is stable and profitable. At Commercial Finance London we understand that not every business falls into this category that is why we can assist you with the finance you require when the high street lenders have declined your application.

Commercial Finance London have developed an excellent relationship with many specialist lender therefore this
assists the non status and sub prime commercial market. This accommodates clients by obtaining self certification finance where accounts are either insufficient or not available.

Commercial Finance London can assist new start ups and also client’s with poor credit history who do not conform to the main banks criteria and have been turned down. Rates in the non status commercial market are subject to LTV’s but can be as low as 3.5% above Libor.

Commercial Finance London will work with client’s who have a flexible employment status and impaired credit history to obtain the very best interest rates.