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Bridging Finance

buy to let joint venture finance uk

Residential or Commercial – We at Commercial Finance London can arrange interim funds to provide unique solutions to what might often appear to be insoluble problems.

In these circumstances, quick and substantial short-term funds secured against Property Value may be the answer.

Commercial Finance London can arrange up to 75% of open market valuation, secured by first or second legal charge over acceptable residential, commercial or semi-commercial property at rates of interest from 0.55% per month, depending on the quality, complexity and risk assessment of any individual proposal. Loan to value may be increased up to 100% of requirement with additional collateral.

Loan terms 3 to 12 months, renewable at lender’s discretion.

A Bridging Loan has to be “closed ended”. This means that as a pre-condition to granting the loan facility, there must be a “defined exit” capable of being put into place within the term of the loan so as to provide a method by which the loan will be repaid at a specified end date – this will be either by way of refinancing or sale of the property.

The interest charged on a Bridging Loan may be “rolled-up” , accumulated and repaid along with the principal sum at the end of the term from the proceeds of refinancing or sale of the property.

Typical examples where Bridging Loans can resolve a problem:

Bridging sale and purchase transactions where there is an onward chain.

Purchase/conversion/renovation/improvement of houses and flats, for instance property developers requiring funds quickly to buy property (often at auction) to sell on at a profit within a very short time frame usually 3-4 months.

Helping developers free up some of the capital they have tied up in completed properties awaiting sale when they are anxious to move on to their next project.

Capital raising for re-investment.

Urgent capital raising – divorce settlements or Inheritance Tax situations where blocked or frozen capital can be unlocked when most needed.

To provide a financial breathing space whilst one’s affairs are being reorganised for instance urgent debt
consolidation or avoiding legal action resulting from mortgage default.

Creating a positive mortgage payments history for people who are prevented from obtaining another mortgage due to their current poor payment history.

Avoiding bankruptcy. By far the biggest creditor in the United Kingdom is the Customs & Excise/VAT and the
average VAT bill is £15,000. The majority of VAT debtors are people with established businesses who own their own homes.

Most debtors fail to take action until it is too late! This is the perfect scenario where a Bridging Loan against the
equity in one’s main residence can be fast-tracked into place to discharge the debt and avoid personal financial

Creating a positive mortgage payments history for people who are prevented from obtaining another mortgage due to their current poor payment history.

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